Federal law mandating athletic insurance

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Federal law mandating athletic insurance

Robert Rhodes, chairman of Preserve Ramapo, which sued unsuccessfully to block the stadium, said St.

Lawrence was using the same tactics of going behind the backs of the taxpayers to push the latest plan through.

The Town Board on Thursday unanimously approved transferring 25 wooded acres at 301 Pomona Road to its Local Development Corporation for commercial and/or mixed use.

The land is located in the Village of New Hempstead, which would have to grant all zoning, environmental and building approvals.

Legislator Charles Falciglia said he is requesting the probe because Eisenpress's campaign received near maximum contributions from more than 20 individuals and companies during a four-day period.

The developer agreed to pay back the money in installments but payments stopped in October, County Attorney Thomas Humbach said.

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One side talks about not having sufficient resources; the other talks about discrimination against minority children. Meanwhile, the state performs periodic investigations, but does little to resolve the issues, including dwindling education quality for public schoolchildren, poor management of the districts limited resources and a rapid growth of a private-school community that demands resources.

There is a sad sense of deja vu to those of us who watched a similar lack of resolve in Kiryas Joel school district, not far away.

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Environmentalists are relying on a century-old state law to derail the construction of a new petroleum pipeline proposed to run through the Lower Hudson Valley.

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